Thomas Staub

Lecturer, Computer Scientist, and Innovator in Bern, Switzerland

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I'm a solution-driven and creative computer science professional with experiences in team leading, innovation management, research project acquisition, software development etc.

Currently, I'm working as Director of the ICT Warrior Academy at Command Support Organisation of the Swiss Armed Forces.

Till end of 2019, I had a position as Project Manager, Software Architect and Innovation Manager at 89grad GmbH (Bern, Switzerland) and helped our customers to bring innovative services to the market.

Before I was working as Chief Scientist at the start-up company DFRC AG in Switzerland and as CCO at DFRC Pte. Ltd. in Singapore. Previously, I was employed as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Bern (Switzerland).

  • Work
    • Cyber Command, Swiss Army
  • Education
    • PhD in Computer Science
    • Master of Science in Computer Science