Thomas Benner

Teacher, Consultant, and Public Speaker in Austin, Texas

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People with passion can change the world for the better.

Looking for creative training opportunities. Innovative designer, animator, developer, programmer and instructor who loves training others seeks opportunity to develop outstanding courses utilizing the Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Macintosh software with a focus on integrating various applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Animate, DreamWeaver, Muse, Edge, Premiere, After Effects, Behance) for effective desktop and screen publishing workflows. Extensive experience teaching web design and development, vector and raster graphics, interactive multimedia, animation and digital presentation.
• Dynamic, self-Driven, people oriented public speaker .
• Constantly learning, eager to learn new things to improve myself and share.
• Passionate for teaching and training all levels of students. Enthusiastic, clear and concise.
• Develops student skills quickly and thoroughly.
• Dedicated, energetic self-starter who works tirelessly.
• Thoroughly prepared for every lecture. If a job has to be done, I make sure it is done. I don't need anyone looking over my shoulders.
• Delivers consistent quality training.
• Problem Solver: finds creative solutions for people's problems.
• Supportive, friendly Motivator: Always available to give sage advice and a friendly push in the right direction.
• At core a happy being, engaged with life and technology to the point that my positive energy and curiosity is catching.
• Professional who has keen eyes for detail and produces crisp eye-catching work.
• Team Player: a valuable resource and strong asset who supports collaboration.
• Students feel well grounded and ready for any professional work environment.

  • Work
    • Professor at the Art Institute of Austin
  • Education
    • Master of Arts, U.C.L.A.