Thomas Avellino

Financial Advisor in Holmdel, New Jersey

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A respected presence in the financial investment sphere, Thomas Avellino has guided a number of entities that provided dedicated advisory services. Based in Holmdel, New Jersey, Thomas Avellino has pursued profitable strategies that generated significant returns on investment and has never experienced sustained market-related losses.

As owner and managing partner of a number of financial alliances, Avellino has set in place partnerships with sought after investment brokers. Serving as point of contact between all partners, he has ensured that transactions are properly handled.

Over the years, Thomas Avellino managed his investment businesses as private partnerships that were accessible only to accredited investors. At present, he is expanding his offerings to include a select number of investment-focused individuals who were previously unable to participate.

Also a singer-songwriter with a passion for worship music, Avellino has made an album of his original songs.

  • Work
    • Strattham Partners
  • Education
    • University of Miami