Thomas Beatie

Phoenix, Ariziona

Thomas Beatie's amazing story has made worldwide headlines, from Oprah to Barbara Walters, Germany to Japan--a fully legal man and husband giving birth to 3 children in as many years… and more recently, defending the validity of his marriage and identity in an unprecedented court battle. While the media may have sensationalized his unique journey, his dreams of happiness, liberty, and family are universal. His humanizing story represents the struggle many others may face when fighting for individual authenticity and freedom as well as social and legal justice. Thomas, a proud father with grit and determination, is an inspiration to everyone--standing up for what he believes in and his deep love for his family. Thomas believes the power of visibility creates positive change in society. By being open, he hopes to demystify harmful stereotypes and show that different is normal.

Thomas Beatie is available for: public and motivational speaking, advocacy, media appearances and interviews, keynotes, lectures and seminars, consulting, writing contributions, TV and film projects, diversity awareness, transgender (LGBT) education, and community involvement.

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