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Namibia Health Questonaire is a national website that's intended to promote health consciousness among Namibia's inhabitants. The website was launched in 2021 as an online resource for individuals, doctors and other health professionals to exchange information regarding Namibia's healthcare system. Obtaining the Namibia Health Questonaire may be performed free of charge but requires customers to register with their initial and last name as well as their contact details like email address, mobile telephone and facsimile number. Namibia has one of the finest medical services available on the planet and the vast majority of its population can obtain medical attention without hassle or delay.

Namibia Health Questonaire facilitates the easy access of health equipment and services. The website enables visitors to search for nearby hospitals, specialists and clinics in addition to access information about emergency medical care facilities and therapy procedures. A few of the more popular features include Namibia's Annual Health Report that highlights all healthcare developments throughout the country. Namibia has a efficient system of assessing and treating various medical conditions including cancer, HIV/AIDS and maternal and child care. The Namibia Health Ministry describes its system as being among the most comprehensive in the world, with regard to patient care, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up services.

In Namibia, access to quality healthcare providers is dependent upon your capacity to pay. Most medical equipments price around one hundred Namibia Dinar (Namibia's money ). To be able to get free health care consultation, you must have a Namibia Health Card, which can be obtained at any given Namibia Health Service office. You also have to have a minumum of one doctor that has been trained in global standards and can be accredited by the concerned ministry. To get a full list of doctors and specialists, you can take a look at the Namibia Health Information Centre.