Thomas Kenyon

Web Developer and podcast Host in the United States

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Since 2010, Thomas has learned a lot of things of which he could NEVER learn in school! He has learned how video is transmitted over satellite AND over the web. He has also learned to really love the art of video editing and what it takes to effectively schedule broadcast production events. He can say first hand that there are a lot of moving parts besides what you just see on the TV screen.

Thomas is an accomplished, seasoned professional with 11 years of solid experience in digital television production in sports broadcasting with proven talent in the production of visual storytelling. Thomas has worked closely with executives and senior staff to analyze network needs, with exceptional strengths in problem-solving, managing professional staff, exceeding expectations and program development. He has demonstrated success with diverse responsibilities, managing multiple projects and leading teams.

During college at Sam Houston State, Thomas held a leadership role in the Communication department's Huntsville Cable Channel 7 and worked as the Studio Production Director and the News Producer.

  • Work
    • Digital Web and Video
  • Education
    • Sam Houston State University