DreamFactory Entertainment

Movie and Television Studio and Entertainment Company in New Jersey

DreamFactory Entertainment

Movie and Television Studio and Entertainment Company in New Jersey

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DreamFactory Entertainment is the film production company division of entertainment parent company DreamFactory Studios LLC. One of seven divisions in Hunterdon County, New Jersey founded by Filmmaker, Founding Chairman and CEO Thomas Luca.

DREAMFACTORY STUDIOS with our divisions and subsidiaries handles everything from Story Development and Acquisition, Preproduction, to Production, Post, Advertising, Publicity, Promotion, Merchandising, Marketing, Distribution, Licensing, Package Design and more.

Our Divisions:

DreamFactory Entertainment "story development, preproduction, and production departments"

DreamFactory Television "TV production arm"

DreamFactory Animation "Web and TV Animation production arm"

DreamFactory Studios Home Entertainment "distribution, marketing and advertising, promotional tie-ins, product placement, publicity, package design, sales, publishing, licensing and merchandising departments"

The DreamFactory Store "is DreamFactory Studios's souvenir and merchandise store where you'll find all kinds of memorabilia products. It is the sales arm of DreamFactory Studios Home Entertainment"

Imagination Workshop Studio "design, construction, special effects of all kinds"

MagicPost "post production, sound design, music, editing, vfx, matte painting, compositing and more"

Imagination Workshop Studio is our largest division in terms of size and logistics. We offer services on features, television specials, series and miniseries, print ads and TV commercials, web series, shorts, and music videos, to event fabrication, business Ext & Int construction and fabrication, to custom built to scale life size replicas, props and costumes of all scales and themes, theme park and resort fabrication, to mascot costumes for schools and colleges, sports, restaurants, businesses, and more.

Many commercial spec ideas are in development going on here at DreamFactory. We have a string of twelve intellectual properties in development now in the works with more being conceived for further story development everyday.

CLOSING WORDS BY TOMMY LUCA: "May all your ideas, and mine, never go to development hell or limbo so they can be seen and enjoyed by the world as movie magic. Cheers. Salute. L'Chaim."

LUNCH Fantasy Comedy movie: http://facebook.com/lunchthemovie http://slated.com/films/204858/







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