Thom McKiernan

Bedford, UK

I got in to computers through my Dad. He liked to dabble in programming and this new fangled thing called the internet. I was soon hooked playing games like Theme Park & Quake, browsing through the Compuserve forums and chatting to friends on ICQ (as well as the odd bit of homework). IT seemed an obvious path to make mega bucks in my future career.

I didn’t really know where to start and by 18 I was already married with a 1 year old son. I was working full-time in McDonalds and decided to take a couple of City & Guilds qualifications in Databases and Networking. A friend on the course told me about a job going as the IT technician at their school. Amazingly I got the job and was really thrown in at the deep end. I managed to sort out the network and bring in a Win 2000 AD server and they promoted me to the new position of Network Manager. The school grew more and more dependent on IT for its students learning as well as back office administration. They sent me on a night course to gain a BTEC in Computing followed by the MCSA qualification. I got experience of a very wide range of technologies on a network of over 500 devices and over 1100 users.

Over the last 10 years I've moved from education to the business sector, from national to international companies, worked with people all over the world, had two more sons, ran a marathon and I'm now back where I grew up, looking after the IT infrastructure for a great company in Bedfordshire. You can find stories about my career on my blog, linked below.

Information Technology doesn't stand still so neither will I. Still waiting for those mega bucks though ;)

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