David Thompson

Sault Ste. Marie, ON

I bring a strong technical background in web development, new media and design to the field of economic development. These skills have enabled me to assist communities, businesses and non-profits to better engage their constituents and partners.

Rural communities are in transition and they require motivated entrepreneurs, cooperation and expertise.

Growing up on a farm in a small northern Ontario town provided me with a strong awareness of rural issues. I've poured my efforts into working with local farmers to reverse trends of decline through cooperation. This led to getting an MBA in Community Economic Development.

I was instrumental in starting a farm enterprise that sells local products through developing a sustainable business; guiding farmers through the process. I recently co-launched a 3 year pilot project that leveraged over $700,000 for infrastructure and crop research to create new products in the region.

I have a passion for rural communities in Ontario and desire to build their capacity to be resilient in a global economy.