Tia Epps

A knowledgeable human resources professional, Tia Epps possesses seven years of experience in her field. At present she operates as a Recruiter and Human Resource Specialist with The CBE Group, Inc., in Atlanta. In this position, she maintains a great deal of responsibility, as she represents the firm to the community, clients, and stakeholders as well as to employees. In order to secure quality employees, Tia Epps conducts a thorough recruiting process, which includes background checks, interviews, and hiring. During her first three months with the company, she hired more than 300 employees. She went on to reduce office turnover by 15 percent within her first year.

Previously, Tia Epps acted as Human Resources Specialist for White Directory Publishers in Buffalo, New York, a Hearst Media Services company that provided lead-generation services to small and large businesses. In this position, she coordinated and led between 30 and 40 interviews each month while providing information and resources to employees on open enrollment and 401(k) plans. She oriented all new hires, uploaded their information into existing databases, and maintained nearly 1,000 personnel files. Tia Epps also forged partnerships with local organizations in order to gain additional benefits for White Directory Publishers employees.

Prior to embarking upon her career, Epps attended the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in human resources. She later returned to school at the Keller Graduate School of Management, where she earned a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in general management. In her free time, Tia Epps enjoys volunteering and has acted as the United Way Employee Campaign Manager for The CBE Group since 2007.

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