Tiago Hillebrandt

Joinville, Brazil

I have been working with Linux and other free software technologies for a long time, developing scripts and tools to automate tasks, and managing servers as well.

Linux Servers Maintenance

Scripting: Bash, Python, Perl, Ruby

Web Servers: NGINX, Apache HTTPD, Apache Tomcat, lighttp

Automation: Puppet

Server Monitoring: Nagios

Database Servers: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Proxy and Caching

Experience with APIs: Linode, Media Temple, Digital Ocean, Amazon Route 53, Zerigo DNS, QuickBase, Sucuri, Loggly, WordPress Plugins API

Mail Server: Postfix, Exim

Samba File Server

Networking: Bind, DHCP, iptables

WordPress: Core, Plugins, WP-CLI

Development: PHP, Python, Java, SQL, XML, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS, Shell

Git Workflows

Contact: tiago@tiagohillebrandt.com

  • Work
    • Copyblogger Media, LLC