Tiago Dias Miranda

Designer, Consultant, and Digital Nomad in East Africa

Tiago Dias Miranda

Designer, Consultant, and Digital Nomad in East Africa

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* I am from where I participate. Working locally while travelling globally *

Currently travelling East Africa. Please connect if you are –somehow– around!

I was born in Portugal and raised in an international environment; three continents (Africa, Asia, Europe) and eleven countries later, adaptation skills, negotiating complex environments and broad-mindedness have become part of me. This journey has shaped me to think globally/holistically as well as being empathic, sensitive to emotions, the smallest details that matter.

As a globetrotter and 21st century world citizen, I love discovering new cultures/spaces and meeting new people.

I see myself as an eternal optimist that believes in the power of Creativity (+social +business +technology) to overcome the world's wickedest/pressing problems.

I consider myself a social designer. As such, I navigate different fields of Design (design thinking, service design, design research, business design, user experience) putting these at the service of social development.

My intention is to work with organisations striving toward the new paradigm, building together --project by project, step by step-- a better present and future for the common good.


+ Service Design

+ Design Research

+ User Experience

+ Social Innovation

+ Business Design

+ Strategy

+ CSR / Private Sector

+ Policy Making / Public Sector

+ NGOs / Third Sector

+ Social Entrepreneurship / Fourth Sector