Tia Henriksen

Surrey, BC, Canada

Video above: "What Student Achievement Means to Me"

Learner ~ Leader ~ Educator ~ Mother

Passionate about learning and sparking the learning in others, I believe in modelling my own learning. I feel strongly about developing relationships with students, parents, teachers, and my colleagues (near and far). It is through developing these relationships that the most profound learning can occur.

Currently, I am a Principal of K-7 school in Langley, BC, Canada where we have approximately 270 students who attend. In that population, we have a highly diverse population of students.

In my time as Principal and Vice-Principal (in Surrey, BC), I have been involved in numerous projects, including, but not limited to:

- Innovative Learning Design Team

- Aboriginal Laptop Project - name of project will be changed to TELAL this year - Technology Enhanced Learning for Aboriginal Learners.

- Digital Playground Sessions for staff members.

- Attendance Matters Project

- Formative Assessment Book Club and other Professional Book/Resource Chats

- Family Literacy Implementation

- School Blogs - including design, promotion, moderating, and updating.

- Developing and maintaining our school Youtube and Twitter accounts.

- Guided Reading Implementation

At a district level, I have been involved in:

- Digital Sandbox Sessions for Administrators (planning and presenting)

- Digital Coach for administrator colleagues

- Exemplar Project for SurreySchools.ca

  • Work
    • Elementary Vice-Principal
  • Education
    • MEd - University of Victoria
    • BEd - Simon Fraser University
    • PDP - Simon Fraser University