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If you have recently started a business, or if you are running your business on a tight budget, you might assume that you have to handle all of your marketing and advertising tasks yourself. Many small business owners handle their own marketing tasks because they believe they can minimize expenses this way. Unfortunately, because these professionals have many other business tasks to attend to, they commonly cannot dedicate the time necessary to create and launch effective marketing campaigns.

Fortunately, you don't have to tackle business marketing alone. Tier 3 Scottsdale offers direct mail marketing services that make efficient use of your marketing dollars by providing you with returns far above industry standards. Our services can help you dramatically lower lead costs, increase sales, and improve the profitability of your company.

How do we do it? We handle all of our marketing functions in-house, which helps us control quality and offer cost-effective direct marketing solutions. Tier 3 employment screening ensures that we only hire and work with the most skilled, experienced professionals in the direct marketing industry. Also, we work directly with our clients to create compelling, unique direct mail pieces to help clients find the “sweet spot” that results in the highest conversion rates.

Hand-addressing is one of our services that set us apart from our competitors. Most direct mail companies use standard label printing and bulk postage to cut costs. At Tier 3 Scottsdale, we see things a bit differently. We understand that, when people receive your direct marketing pieces, they need a reason to open and read them. Hand-addressing gives your letters a personal touch and arouses curiosity – this results in higher open rates, which means that almost all of your recipients will read your offer.

Also, unlike many direct marketing firms, we conduct extensive testing and tracking to make sure that your direct mail campaign is effective. We can split-test multiple letters to find the design and sales copy that most effectively compels recipients to take action by contacting you and placing orders.

Call Tier 3 Scottsdale today at 480-467-3316 to find out how we can help take the stress out of marketing your business!

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