Hello, I'm Tiffanie, an Encourager, a lover of light, a blogger & a contributing writer for BE WISE the Blog and Magazine. BE WISE instantly caught my attention by being set apart from other blogs or magazines because of the unique & uplifting messages shared by the contributors. I loved reading BE WISE so much that I decided to submit an article about my personal dream for women and had it published in the magazine. After submitting my article to BE WISE, I decided I wanted to join the team permanently to help share BE WISE with people who haven't heard of it. The overall feeling I gathered from my first impression of the blog & magazine was an abundance of praiseworthy content which served as encouragement for young people to live high standards and to be a positive force for good.

I've always been an Encourager - especially for girls and young women in finding inner strength, embracing individuality, and helping others realize the importance of self love/respect. I advocate allowing God into our lives to turn truly devastating trials and weaknesses into stepping stones that outline a bright and successful future. So when I discovered BE WISE I knew that I had found a tribe of like minded Encouragers. I had to be a part of this team where I could continue sharing messages with young people that help them to see their individual worth and potential.

I believe that when we are repeatedly told that we are valuable and that what we do matters, we are able to respect ourselves and hold ourselves to a higher standard of wise living and conduct. If young people everywhere had the same sense of self worth and the same mindset as BE WISE in realizing that what you put out into the world impacts humanity and if we were all to ensure & commit to making our impacts positive ones, we would surely live in communities that are more loving, more respecting, , and much more united.

It is my hope that through working with BE WISE, and our incredible creator Ceciley Hallman that I can share and support messages that remind you that YOU MATTER & YOU are capable of making a POSITIVE IMPACT one day at a time by being a good & wise human.

Love & light.