Tiffany Bottcher

Training Specialist III in Colorado Springs, CO

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I am a Training Specialist and Colorado Taxation Resource working for the Colorado Department of Revenue. My employment with the Department of Revenue began in August 2014 as an Administrative Assistant. During the time of my employment I have been promoted multiple times based on my drive, willingness to learn and the merit of my work. Within 18 months of hire I was promoted to Tax Examiner I where my job duties included communicating Colorado tax information to the public. I was later promoted to Tax Examiner II where my job duties included teaching public sales tax filing classes starting in July 2016. The responsibility for teaching, scheduling and developing the sales tax class material transferred to the Training Specialist group upon its inception in August 2019. I was awarded the Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation employee of the month in November 2019 in recognition of my performance and dedication. Teaching sales tax classes has required that I be well versed in Colorado Sales and Use tax and stay current on Colorado tax laws.

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