Tigrilla Gardenia

Plant Music & Communications and Damanhur Ambassador in Vidracco, Italy

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Tigrilla is a Plant Perception Researcher for the "Music of the Plants", developed originally by Damanhur—one of the largest spiritual communities in the world. A natural leader, Tigrilla is the founder of "Practical Spirituality and Kabbalah", as well as the creative genius behind international dance and spiritual events produced by Infinite Connections, which she founded in 2005.

Her background in the corporate world working for RealNetworks, Cirque du Soleil and Microsoft, as a music engineer and event producer, and as an artist on and behind stage, gives her a unique perspective which she uses to bridge people, nature, science and technology. In her personal quest for fulfillment, Tigrilla has found cutting-edge strategies for building community, sustainability and contacting the plant world on spiritual, physical and digital planes.

Tigrilla’s connection to trees and nature weaves an other-worldliness quality into her practical approach to creative problem solving. A natural community builder and knight, she travels the digital and physical world with authority and intuitive wisdom which unites people and sparks collective action to bring love of nature into sustainable, practical application. #natureinthecity

  • Work
    • Music of the Plants; Damanhur
  • Education
    • University of Miami
    • University of Washington