Time Clock hours tracker and Time sheet

Work Log Tracker in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Time Clock is an automatic work hour tracker. Using your device location to calculate how much you should be earning.

All without having to remember to clock in or out.

Designed for contractors, hourly employees and freelancers that go to various locations to work.

If you have to calculate work hours and hand in time sheets, this is the perfect time sheet app for you!

There's no need for any prior location setup. Our work hour tracker will clock you in when you arrive at any location. It will then clock you out when you leave. We'll then use our time clock calculator to measure how much you'll earn based on your hourly rate.

Finally, all logged work hours will be used to generate time sheets. A separate time sheet is made for each project. You can then download an excel version on a monthly, weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Time sheets are easy to share and download and Hourly rates are definable on a per project basis.

• How it works

After installing time clock, you simply go about your day! The hours tracker will work in the background and record the duration of your stay at each location. e.g: project site, office, coffee shop...

You can then come back, at your leisure, for example at the end of the day, and select to save hours to your work log or simply discard them.

To ensure your security and privacy, your general location log is only kept on your device and not uploaded anywhere. It can be deleted by you at any time.

Only the location of times saved to your work log hours are saved to your account and backed up to the cloud. This data is simply for your reference and not used by us for any other purpose.

Perfect for people that work with multiple clients in various locations, e.g: trades professionals, contractors, accountants, lawyers...

• Automatic work hour tracker

• Customizable time sheet app

• Save time and reuse information

• Helpful time clock calculator

• Sharable time sheet

• Customize your work log

• Who is our work hours tracker for?