Tim Hornibrook

Sydney, Australia

Based in Sydney, Tim Hornibrook analyzed global agriculture commodities, with an emphasis on determining risk/reward characteristics and whether they were suitable for institutional investment. Tim Hornibrook guided a pioneering fund focused on the Australian cattle and sheep production industry, taking advantage of sustained global increases in protein consumption.

In an April 2014 Agri Investor interview, Mr. Hornibrook detailed a situation in which economic crisis made it imperative to look for new investment pathways beyond traditional assets. He characterized early investors in 2007 as those who were looking to expand and diversify their portfolio holdings into areas not correlated with traditional assets. He noted that numerous investors sitting on the sidelines were beginning to gain an appreciation of agriculture commodity investments as providing attractive returns. Tim Hornibrook holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney.

  • Education
    • Tulane University