Tim Johnson

Boston, MA

I love building stuff & I love technology! Currently I'm designing & building CNC machines, electronics, software, and tools that will help me design & build unique furniture. In 2010 I started a small business called Furnetcha to put this all together. I'm dreaming big, trying & learning a lot, working like mad, and maintaining an appropriate level of my craziness.

For years I designed and built new software products (v1, v2 stuff). In contrast, my hobbies were all about working with my hands: woodworking, carpentry, car repair, & interior design. Now I'm combining these passions and having a ton of fun doing the hardest job I've ever had.

The 3D world, especially milling and printing, is growing and changing so rapidly that it's tough to keep up. The opportunities are mind blowing. It's a really fun time. Sometimes I feel like I'm on the bleeding edge; while other times I think, "Wow, that happened fast; I have to catch up!" 3D Printers are dominating the media lately, but the entire and for good reason. Check out all the free ready-to-print designs on Thingiverse.com, including some of my published designs too!

One way I love to learn more while also expanding my impact is through investing. Crowd-sourcing services such as Kickstarter & Indiegogo are amazing platforms. I am proud to be an active contributor. There are so many exciting projects - check them out!

When it comes to social media, I'm most active on Twitter: @Furnetcha & personal stuff: @timj0. (Google+ & Facebook for Furnetcha are still works in progress.)

The background picture on this page was taken after the first few months of building the shop. A lot has changed since then! Head over to Furnetcha.com for more. Thank you for visiting!