Tim Kendall baseball

MLB Certified Scout and Baseball Instructor in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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For Tim Kendall, it’s all about the love and respect for the game. That game is baseball and Tim’s passion for it drives him every day to serve as an ambassador for it. He wants, more than anything, to share his passion, expertise and love of the sport on an international level.

Tim Kendall is a Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau certified scout and respected baseball instructor. That means Tim is a trained talent evaluator, trained to watch baseball players with an eye towards spotting the mental and physical tools that can elevate an athlete to levels that stand head and shoulders above their peers.

It’s about winning in all respects because, as we’ve seen, athletes must exhibit the proper attitude if they want to be the best. Scouts too must have talent in order to serve the game and their organizations in a way that advances the goals of their respective teams.

No one understands that better than Tim Kendall.

What separates a great baseball scout from a poor or mediocre one? It takes great commitment to the game, which is really no different than the tools required to being the best shortstop, pitcher or right-fielder.

Being a top baseball scout takes dedication, being organized, passionate about baseball, in other words, the kind of person willing to spend long hours on the road.

Tim Kendall has covered games in the Northeast region in addition to helping run showcase events. That takes organizational and resource management skills aimed at giving players maximum opportunity to showcase their skills.

In 2016, Tim assisted an MLB organization in preparation for the June amateur draft. That experience presented a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth.

As an instructor, he has worked with several rep and travel teams and shared his knowledge with players of all ages, as well as fellow coaches and instructors. While proficient in all areas of the game, he takes special interest in hitting, specifically from a biomechanical perspective.

Tim’s experience in sports is not limited to baseball.

He is a retired professional wrestler and has used his experience in that sport to bring an emphasis on strength and conditioning to players he works with.

Tim looks forward advancing his baseball scouting career.