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Timothy Larkin founded Target Focus Training, one of the most celebrated self defense systems in the world. Through Target Focus Training, Tim Larkin teaches individuals simple techniques that anyone can master regardless of fitness or size. These techniques quickly and effectively induce pain in an assailant, giving individuals the upper hand in the event of an attack. Individuals have a number of training options, from DVDs for at-home training, to in-person sessions and online distance training. Tim Larkin also has a wide range of other products for improving skill-sets, including several different DVD series based on more advanced techniques, a variety of handbooks and charts, and a book that explains the philosophy behind Target Focus Training. Although this book does not provide technical training, it discusses the mindset behind criminality and argues for the use of violence as a counter to violent behavior.

Regarded as one of the world's leading self defense trainers, Timothy Larkin has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals and corporations around the world. In addition, he has trained the Army Special Forces and other military units. He has spoken on self defense in more than 40 countries and frequently works with executives and government agencies to teach a special adaptation of his philosophy that applies basic fundamentals to the business world. Tim Larkin maintains an online newsletter for self defense enthusiasts called Secrets For Staying Alive When Rules Don't Apply. This newsletter has received significant acclaim for its insightful commentary and engaging perspectives. For more about Tim Larkin and his self defense system, visit TargetFocusTraining.com.

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