Timothy Bateson


Timothy Bateson


Currently Available Works

"Moon Shadows" is a Halloween themed anthology and contains my short story "Under a Hunter's Moon". This story follows an event in my upcoming novel's main character's past.

"Spooky Halloween Drabbles 2014" is a Halloween themed collection of drabbles (100 word flash-fiction) including my story "Shifting Dreams".

"Across the Karman Line" is a science-fiction themed collection, containing my story "Evaline Transcendent".

"The Lupine's Call" is free to read on Inkitt.com.

About Me

Since moving from England to Alaska, I have worked in fast food, construction & home improvement sales, and retail industries.

I am collaborating with my wife on a series of urban-fantasy books. She currently has written one book in the series, and I am writing another, which shares the same setting, and some of the characters. Then we have plans to write a third book.

A Few Facts

I'm a huge fan of birds of prey, and have handled a range of raptors.

Worked in the computers industry before moving to Alaska in 2005.

Married to Sandi Bateson since moving to the USA.

Two short stories published in October 2014, with more to come.

Helping my wife (Sandi) establish her writing and music careers.

When not writing, or visiting social media, I can be found working on the front-end at the local Fred Meyer.

  • Work
    • Front-end PIC @ Fred Meyer, Palmer, AK
  • Education
    • BSc Computers, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK