Timothy Burchell

Private Investigator and Small Business Owner in London, United Kingdom

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UK Private Investigators is a professional Detective Agency. Owned by Timothy Burchell and established in 1997.

Timothy Burchell is the founder and owner of UK Private Investigators, an International Detective Agency. Originally from Kent himself, Timothy has travelled the world, working for clients from as far field as The USA and Japan.

Despite his unquestioned success, Timothy Burchell remains humble about his accomplishments. He maintains that it’s important to keep the right perspective. He often reminds himself, of a story from one of his favourite books, The Noticer. The author says that life is a lot like a game of Monopoly: you may own Mayfair and Park Lane with two hotels but, when the game is over, all those pieces are going back in the box.

Without a doubt, it was his hard work and desire to excel that got Timothy off to a great start with UK Private Investigators It was his vision and courage that moved him up the ladder. Today, it is his warmth and passion that make him such a valuable resource to his company and to his clients.

Timothy Burchell is still finding new and innovative ways to try to change the face of British Private Investigation. He is currently working with colleagues overseas and recently opened branches in The USA, Japan, France and Italy, with further designated offices opening soon.

Read some of the testimonials he has received from his clients over the recent years:

Thanks a million for the valuable information you have provided. I consider this an investment which has generated geometric dividends. Sincerely, Oswald J

India - January 2016


Further to my last message - no need to investigate further - the phone number worked!

Thank you so much, Tom

UK - January 2016


Thank you very much for the report. It is comprehensive and excellent, regarding the scope.I may have a farther step to ask your help.


UAE - January 2016

Further testimonials can be read at https://www.ukprivateinvestigators.com/testimonials

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