Timothy Duquesne

Screenwriter - Scénariste

Our pixels shape the world.
The world of pixels and the physical world being closely intertwined, shaping our ocean of pixels is also shaping our world. I am on a mission to contribute in shaping our "ocean of pixels" towards increased respect for us (the viewers / users), creators, and towards a better world.


I pay a particular attention to the inspiring approaches to shape our future and my augmented book is how I chose to share my vision.

To discover the book and the project associated to it:

→ 'L’avenir [des pixels] est entre nos mains' - avenirdespixels.net (French)

→ 'The Future [of pixels] is in our hands' - futureofpixels.net


Caught again by my passion for creative writing more than 13 years ago, I became a screenwriter after a first professional life during which my activities (in marketing and consulting) have always been related to the world of pixels.

I work on audiovisual creations, as a screenwriter or consultant, with experience in TV series (broadcast in France on TV channels such as France 2, Comédie or Disney Channel France), webseries, radio, and branded entertainment. I help explore new paths, such as Transmedia storytelling for instance, by considering our mutating media environment as an opportunity for reinvention.

I am a contributor for Wharton University's Future of Advertising Program. My entry: "United to Build Meaningful Media Ecosystems".

  • Education
    • EMLYON Business School