Timothy J Pagliara

Founder and Financial Advisor at CapWealth in Franklin, TN

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As a nationally-recognized financial advisor, Timothy J Pagliara takes the time to identify the best course of action for each client, no matter their financial situation or investment needs. Timothy spends much of his time devising strategies that will work for individual cases. At CapWealth, Timothy's investment firm, each financial advisor creates a plan that is right for the individual. This attention to detail and high level of client service is what sets CapWealth and Timothy apart, earning both several awards at local and national levels. In the future, Timothy hopes to continue branching out into other areas, such as business law.

Despite his impressive achievements, Timothy would not be able to achieve his goals without the proper insurance policies. He understands that investing and financial planning can be very challenging for people, especially those with a lot at risk. To help ease these concerns, Tim provides his clients with education about investing and managing their finances.

Besides being able to provide his clients with the necessary insurance policies, Tim also wants to educate the public about the national debt crisis. He is currently serving as the co-chairman of a campaign called "Fix The Debt," which aims to find ways to stimulate the country's economy. It is very important that people in the US understand the impact of the country's growing debt.