Timoxylene Barbabutanol

Writer and Editor in Ringwood, United Kingdom

Timoxylene Barbabutanol

Writer and Editor in Ringwood, United Kingdom

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I worked for 30 years in a college library. My life has a claim I have yet to establish. I met in the context of what was innocent research, Dr Josef Mengele. That "fact" solved most of life's mysteries for me. And I got to hear a Professor, a hero of mine, say "Bloody hell!" when he understood the implications.

Since then we now have newly minted secret "vindictive librarians" at the NSA as they are called. For they now "select" and "organise" and "exploit" information only where they think it should go. I had more the journalistic ideal of information "free from borders". They want total information control... and they have it at the expense of "person" and "information" .This view is held by Will Filer of the NSA.

Few can believe what can be done is done. It is.

They can and do articulate the lives of others using covert mind control called Monarch Programming. I am it's sap.

In truth I am more Pinnochio *. And that is very ironic, but a reason to abandon allusion in war

War is no longer affordable. "Agreement" is more productive. I prefer "mind beats meat" if asked.. "Hearts and minds" gets whatever it takes to overcome any and all other programs."

And as for "grab them by the balls and their minds will follow", it is not by that or even a Kitson trained soldier anymore, but oh so clever "Psyops". Even war may be overtaken but not by ecstasy, but better by trauma based mind control. ON TWITTER I am "beachhutman"

I am idiot sauvant. I found myself a PollyAnna researcher ? The system can contain any threat, and your looking at this tells them something.

Sadly we are talking about something very real that has a toxic history: Weltanschauungskrieg, or now( NSA) Will Filer's whistlebown "Psyops".

There are now covert logarithms organising scripts that can inhibit or disinhibit us. It is called, Monarch Programming I studies hard to get to here and I actually met a short * Dr. Mengele, an old fox at this winning people over. He would make mothers' choose which child to save from the flames seeking to thereby calibrate trauma/images for subliminal use later to inhibit some or all of us like flicking a switch later? You decide. I have been there. I face this daily facade word for word and image for image and still the metaphorical moat that protects me from within remains the sort of anomaly they must break.

I have been fascinated by realising after 9

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    • Try researching "Villa Almarin", Mougins..
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    • Librarians just know stuff.