Tim Peak

Father in Fort Collins, Colorado

Tim Peak

Father in Fort Collins, Colorado

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I have been in the health field for most of my life. I was once involved with Linguistic research after getting out of the Army in the early ‘70s. I was co-author on a program called Non-Slip designed to teach language without the necessity of learning speech.

I am a 30 year veteran of movement and manipulative therapies.

I took up Macramé in the ‘70s and still enjoy designing, making and selling my wares.

I started drumming when I was a kid and am now doing meditative drumming as a passion. I am available to lead drum circles!

Along the way I became a dowser and have been able to practice my craft around the world. I still practice dowsing and energy clearing remotely.

I have also had the good fortune to represent various companies

Solar Energy here: www.spreadsunshine.solarpeak.info

I have a great family and great friends in N. CO. I enjoy social media and meeting people from all over the world. This cyber-sharing enriches my life without leaving CO.

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