Lesley Carhart

Chicago, IL

I'm a security incident responder. I deal with any and all kinds of hacking, digital theft, compromise, vulnerability, malware, zombie outbreak, or spontaneous combustion. I specialize in Windows and memory forensics, but I've been working in IT since before I could have a driver's license, and programming since before I could see a PG movie.

My (debatable) skills include incident response, digital forensics, arnis, security outreach, Shaolin kung fu, competitive marksmanship, Tang Soo Do, finding lost network devices, common sense, and correlating mass quantities of log data.

I write about security for Motorola Solutions 'Fresh Ideas in Public Safety'. Aside from my personal twitter, @hacks4pancakes, I also post critical Government and Public Safety security news for our employees, industry peers, and customers as @LesleyCarhart.

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