Esther Renee' Wright MSP, LCDC

Counselor, Public Speaker, and philanthropist in Houston, Texas

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Founder of Titus Works Ministries ~ Where we believe Giving Back to the Young so they can Grow to their future. . .there is a concern for those between the ages 25 and 35 of being empowered and fed spiritually. Your purpose awaits you, let's go get it!!! I am Walking in the FOG (Favor of God)!!!! and I desire that you do the same.

I am first and far-most a child of the Living God. . . I say yes to His Will! Second I desire to be an instrument used to bless God's people in whatever way He sees fit. It is also my desire to live my life as it states in Titus 2:7 & 8,"And you yourself must be an example to them by doing good works of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching. 8 Teach the truth!!!"

God has been soooo good to me and I want Him to know just how much I thank Him for giving me my life back. Trapped in the throws of a drug addiction for many years, and am now celebrating 28 years of sobriety. I AM SO GRATEFUL!!! I want the WORLD to know there is life after death, I was walking death, and God said NO, YOU shall live!

I am always on a mission to spread God’s word. I am a teacher of the gospel, a chemical dependency counselor and mentor. God has blessed me to counsel, motivate, inspire and encourage others that they too can be a living testimony. I truly give a 100% to everything I am asked to do for others. With all of that said the most important thing I would like you to know about me, is I love God with all of my heart and wants nothing more than for God to be pleased with everything I do.

Being the founder of Titus Works, Ministries, a vision that I believe was downloaded specifically to me from God. This ministry has been created to spread the Word freely to ages 25 and up. Titus based on the Word of God in Titus chapter 2, teaches us that the old shall be there to guide the young into a better life with Christ. This ministry strives to do this in a unique way. Through telephone empowerment conferences Titus Works presents powerful speakers and topics keeping it real with people and God.

I am also a Bestselling Author of "What's Under Your Rug," and a 100 day devotional, "Journey Model Goodness, Seeking Our Truth." Available on Launching my new book November 2017, What's Under Your Rug? Finding More of The Inner You!

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