TJ MacLeslie


I am a thirsty man. I have been thirsty all my life, but did not know it. I was searching, but didn't know for what. I eventually discovered I wasn't looking for an object, but for a person. I also discovered that the person I longed for was also longing for me. He had been pursuing me through all my foolish wandering.

My wandering and my thirst continue, but I no longer journey alone. I have been caught by my pursuer and now drink deeply even as I continue to long for more. We travel through this life together and with a growing community of other seekers.

God has captured my heart and drawn me to Himself, through Jesus Christ. I delight in walking with Him through this life, while also looking forward to the next.

I am a follower of Christ, a husband, a father, a minister, a missionary, a prayer, and an author.

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