TJ Bartel

Author in San Jose, California

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TJ Bartel is an entrepreneur, an author, and an energy master who has spent years devoting his life to understanding the mind and body to better develop ourselves and our relationships with others.

As part of his work, TJ Bartel enjoys helping other people find joy in their lives and develop their capacities for love.

With over 16 years of experience and proven excellence, TJ Bartel has more than mastered the skills required to succeed in his career. He is a highly successful published author and shares his expertise in workshops and coaching programs worldwide. TJ specializes in personal transformation and conscious sexuality. His technique integrates both neuroscience, meditation, and innovative personal growth techniques.

TJ Bartel's primary goal is to create lasting and meaningful change and transformations in relationships which will ultimately lead to positive benefits for themselves and everyone in their lives.

  • Education
    • San Diego State University
    • West Valley College