Teddy Burriss

Trainer, Social Media Manager, and linkedin in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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I am your LinkedIn Trainer | Social Media Consultant, Coach & Trainer | Public Speaker | Career Transition Coach.

I love to teach people how to use LinkedIn properly for business and career value.

Do you want help with your LinkedIn Profile??

LinkedIn Coaching Program

If you have not been coached on how to use LinkedIn - I promise you (really PROMISE) will get significant value from your time with me.

I teach the world to "Networking for Mutual Benefit" and to "Build Relationships through Social Media."

I am an avid social media engager and blogger.

I am a proven authority of the principles and practices of social media for life, career, business and community.

I live by my edict of "Networking is the act of finding, developing and nurturing relationships that mutually move people forward thru life."

My business is a 50/50 business. I give away 50% of my time every day. This is critical to the success of my business. This time is focused on helping our unemployed friends and family members who so desperately need to find a new job. I love doing this work because it's not about me, it's all about the people I get to help every day.

The rest of my time is focused on helping individuals in business to learn new life skills and social media skills that can help them to grow as well. Helping these individuals, either through their companies or directly is very rewarding.

As we all know, develop the individuals to a higher level of success will also create more success for the business.

If I can help you or anyone else you know, please reach out to me. Lets talk.


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    • Burriss Consulting, Inc.
  • Education
    • University of Maryland College Park (a long time ago)