Tuncay UYSAL

Full Stack Engineer, Consultant, and Lead in Turkey

Tuncay UYSAL

Full Stack Engineer, Consultant, and Lead in Turkey

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Tuncay was born in 5/15/85, living in the city of Constantinople, as yet..

I could be like bullish for all my selfish goals in fearlessly & love planning and time management in a multitasking world.

I'm an autodidact in all areas of life for build the future. I can easily get inspired from people who were close to me. I'm someone who ambitious and competitive and has intuitive at the same time.

Around +10 years of configuration, installation and administration experience on cross platforms like Unix & GNU/Linux of various kernel RHEL//Solaris/Debian or Windows 2k/ .. to 2k16/ servers with fully advanced high-secure network equipped.

Other things that define me,

#wine #coffee #food #abstract #music #meditation #europe #motorcycle #milkyway #apple #events #architecture #history #gym #hiking

Also I care about political, economy, military, business and sociology for make better decisions and adopt more effective strategies.

ps. Please, keep your mind of me. I'll update my profile information from time to time. Also you can driving googling for all my background.



√ Suggestion for Tuncay

He's eager to get a new experience. Any cooperation or opportunities, please contact me without hesitation.

Also especially I'd like to point out that foreign language wasn't fluently that verbal for now. (needed in practical)

Candidate of either Infrastructure or Systems Team Leader, Engineering Manager

Let's talk business about strategic partnership, start-up, managing partner. (4.0)

√ my Goals

• C-Level / Country Manager

• Sr. Consultant / Data Center Manager

• Entrepreneur

• Sr. Backend Systems Developer

That positions may come up in the future or relevant.

√ Communication & Working Style

• Autonomously

• Philosophy

• Aniable

• Self/Iron-Willed

I’d love to work in a multidisciplinary team with geek/nerd/guru who friendly, fun, curious, sharing and flexible.

√ Fanatic Supporter

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“Win or Learn Never Lose”

  • Education
    • Riga Technical University
    • Beykoz University