Todd Harris

Seattle, WA

Senior Software Developer -> Microsoft

Stuff I've shipped:

- Office for Mac, iPhone, & iPad (2014-...)

- OneNote for Mac, iPhone, & iPad (2013, 2014)

- OneDrive client for Mac & Windows (2012)

- Windows Live Mesh client for Mac (2010)

- Live Mesh client for Mac (2008)

I am the developer equivalent of a Swiss Army knife - and great at solving open ended problems. I've worked in UI land (Cocoa, UIKit, Windows Forms, XAML, MFC), database engines (SQLite, Jet Blue), authentication (OAuth, LiveId), low level file system APIs (watchers, scanners), sync engines, network communication (HTTP, raw sockets, P2P), large scale systems, and everything in between.

Proficient in Objective-C, C++, straight ol' lovely C, Python, C#, SQL, and I dabble in Java, JS, PHP, and Perl when needed. Comfortable on Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android, and occasionally Linux.

I use fish shell, tabs (instead of spaces), and TextMate2.

  • Work
    • Microsoft
  • Education
    • Kansas State University