jacquie 😩😳😪😪

jacquie 😩😳😪😪

hey so basically this is just a quick lil about for me!

i'm not v sure what to say on here?????

uhh i try my best to be nice to everyone but please excuse me if it comes out weird??i have trouble explaining my feelings LOL and im not jst saying that for the "aesthetic"

i like singing and i sing a lot on here so yeah......im not v good but it makes me happy so ya! the love live cover groups im in are:

magneticmuse (leader/kotori)

bushimuse (kotori)

aqoursmuse (hanamaru)

check those out!! aqoursmuse is just starting out so we don't hav a youtube yet but check out magneticmuse and bushimuse on youtube!!!! it would mean a lot !!!!!

i love kageyama tobio sososososososoooosouifdlsufijcrehytuj3fw MUCH even if i don't post abt him or haikyuu as much anymore,,, he still holds the most special place in my heart.......same w haikyuu in general LMAo..and it would be really nice if u tagged me as him

please like my pictures when u see them!!! i get really upset when ppl don't bye don't ask why i just get lonely I KNOW ITS DUMB BUT IT HAPPENS IM SORRY please just like my photos when u see them thanks

yea that's me 0: