Toby Carrodus

Quantitative Analyst in Sydney, Australia

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Toby’s high school years were spent in a single mother household on government support in a regional area of Australia. Despite this, he managed to excel at school, becoming school captain (class president) and at sport, becoming a sponsored competitive skater. After finishing high school, his determination and hardwork saw him receive multiple university scholarships which took him from Cairns to Canberra and Adelaide in Australia, Freiburg im Breisgau and Berlin in Germany and even Havana, Cuba! Toby graduated with a B.Econ., B.A. (Pol Sci) from the Australian National University and M.Sc.Econ. from the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Having graduated in his mid 20’s with a negative net worth of -$20k, Toby set his mind to learning how to invest and trade successfully. With grit and perseverance his investing prowess saw him become a multi-millionaire in his early 30s. Toby’s career began by breaking into the elusive world of institutional asset management, starting off at PIMCO before working as a trader at a boutique hedge fund. After several years in the industry, he saw the coming wave of technology and automation replacing many roles. Rather than see this as an existential threat, Toby saw this as an opportunity and taught himself to program by consistently getting up at 4:30am before work each day for years and completing night school. This eventually paid off, with Toby being hired by Winton, one of the world’s most elite, quantitative hedge funds. In recent years, Toby has been focused on systematic, higher frequency proprietary trading. Toby currently resides at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and 2 young kids, where he enjoys surfing in his free time.