Todd Horlbeck

The President of Horlbeck Capital Management, LLC in St. Charles, Illinois, Todd Horlbeck studied economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. At Horlbeck Capital Management, Todd Horlbeck and his team oversee institutional funds and private capital.

Todd Horlbeck founded Horlbeck Capital Management in 2002 after an 11-year career as an investment broker with AG Edwards & Sons, Inc. Like his favorite author Warren Buffett, Todd Horlbeck seeks to secure superior returns while limiting the exposure to risk. He centers his investment strategy on business valuation and market timing.

While he uses an analytical methodology to determine a company’s value, Todd Horlbeck believes that market timing is more of an art. He looks at price-earnings ratios, book value, and net working capital to identify solid businesses for investment. Then he focuses on recognizing the indicators for making a positive entry into the market.

In addition to directing Horlbeck Capital Management, Todd Horlbeck has contributed to the online publication, The Street. The Street’s award-winning website has a reputation for unbiased reporting and journalistic excellence. Writing on a variety of investment topics, Todd Horlbeck has analyzed gold, oil, and commodities markets, and offered commentary on market timing, stock yields, and the money markets.

A runner and entrant in ultramarathon races, Todd Horlbeck sees investing as an endurance event and only those who have trained and prepared will make it to the finish line, and possesses over 20 years of experience in the financial industry.