Todd McIntosh

I own and operate Resonance Media + Design, where I work as an independentweb designer and developer for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, and Markham, Ontario, Canada, as well as other locations within Canada. I specialize in marketing web sites as well as full featured web applications that allow companies to take their business processes online (e-commerce, inventory systems, membership tracking, warranty registration management, etc).

My tools of choice are Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Illustrator on the Mac for design, combined with Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Management Studio in my Windows VM for programming and database development work.

I'm also fascinated with the process of 3D animation - creating virtual worlds and characters from the imagination and bringing them to life in interesting ways. I use Blender, which is an open source (and surprisingly free) 3D animation suite. Currently I have a short film project in production which you can follow via the production blog

In addition to working on the animation, I've also spearheaded an interesting project to raise funds from other Blender artists around the world to finance the addition of an Ocean Simulation tool to a Blender 2.5 branch. It's been very successful with $2500 raised, and you can read more about the project status at