Tom Alexander

Cannabis Consultant, Cannabis Conference Speaker, and Cannabis Trends Researcher in California

Along with world famous Cannabis authors, Jorge Cervantes and Jeff Lowenfels, The Three Amigos of Cannabis give informational and humorous presentations on the cultivation, politics, and eventual legalization of Cannabis. With over 100 combined years in cultivating Cannabis, The Three Amigos of Cannabis give conference attendees valuable information for their growing Cannabis careers or businesses. Contact me for references and our rates to speak at your Cannabis conference or expo.

I published the Cannabis cultivation magazine, Sinsemilla Tips, from 1980 until 1990. It was the result of the local Sheriff arresting me for growing 1,230 plants in 1979 and facing 20 years and $100,000 fine if convicted.The search warrant was found to be invalid and the authorities didn't need the evidence anymore so three sheriff deputies stole the evidence and were subsequently arrested by the State Police. They pleaded no contest, the DA asked the judge for mercy in their sentencing since they lost their careers and that was punishment enough. They were sentenced to three years probation.

Outraged by such a light sentence, Alexander was going to write a book on his experience but grower friends convinced him an ongoing journal written by growers would be more successful. And it sort of had a life of its own reflecting the growers' experiences who wrote the articles in the magazine.During the 1980’s, there wasn’t much information available on the cultivation of Cannabis. So much of the information that was to be found in the printed on paper Sinsemilla Tips was about the cultivation of Cannabis, both indoor and outdoor.

From 1988 until I retired from publishing in 2009, I also published Growing Edge magazine, which covered high tech greenhouse and hydroponics but without mentioning Cannabis.

In 2015 I came out of retirement and formed The Three Amigos of Cannabis. You just can't keep a good man down.

  • Work
    • Cannabis Consultant/Speaker
  • Education
    • b.s. Business Administration
    • University of New Haven