Tom Bennett

Teacher in London, United Kingdom

Tom Bennett

Teacher in London, United Kingdom

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I was born in the Bottled City of Glasgow where I studied Philosophy because 'that's where all the big bucks are.' After years of penury running Soho nightclubs, I pulled the ripcord and landed in teaching.

Since 2009 I've been writing for the TES as their behaviour advisor, agony uncle, feature writer and podcaster. My careers adviser never knew.

I've written four books about education: The Behaviour Guru, Not Quite a Teacher, Teacher, and Teacher Proof.

In 2011 I was a Teacher-Fellow at Corpus Christi, University of Cambridge, where I discovered something about education that I nearly missed entirely: that the teacher voice is an important one, and it was sorely lacking in the public discourse about schools, learning and children. And I thought I should try to do something about it.

In 2013 I founded researchED, a cottage movement that grew over night into a skyscraper, mainly because I was fed up with the mad free-for-all that seemed to constitute evidence-based practice in schools in the UK. It seems that a few other people agree. researchED is very much my baby, in that it keeps me awake at night, it's a source of infinite joy, and I hope it grows into something wonderful. So far, so good. In 2015 we held researchED conferences in three continents and twelve cities, including Sydney, New York, London and Glasgow. In 2016 we move on to Amsterdam, Scandinavia and beyond....

In 2015 I was nominated for the GEMS Global teacher of the year, making the final 50 (and one of only two finalists from the UK)

I was also appointed by the UK Department for Education to lead a working party looking into behaviour management and teacher training. Or Behaviour Tsar, as the press called it...

'The most influential teacher in the UK'- Senator Mike Johnston, former education adviser to President Barack Obama

'...people like Tom Bennett, the Behaviour Guru who writes for the TES...are really shaping the education debate in a way far more powerful than many politicians.'- Michael Gove, Former Secretary of State for Education

'Tom Bennett is the voice of the modern teacher.'- Stephen Drew, star of Educating Essex

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