Tom Crews

education, coach, and mentor in Louisville, KY

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For several decades, Tom Crews has served as a renowned basketball coach and teacher based out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Tom Crews received his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University at Bloomington prior to pursuing this job. He then went on to earn his Master’s degree at Indiana University in South Bend. Since then, he has maintained a consistent career specialized in subjects of great interest to him.

Throughout his career, Tom was an award-winning coach whose achievements were celebrated throughout his district and community.

His sportsmanship and unity have given his teams strong personal connections that continue after his pupils have graduated and enter the workforce.

Tom has personally stayed in touch with many former students and players. Some of his former players have gone on to become head coaches and other notable educational roles, such as principal and superintendent.

Tom presently teaches U.S. History and U.S. Government, and has previously taught AP Human Geography, AP Government, World Civilization, Sociology, and Civics.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys learning about current and historical politics. He is a real patriot at heart and strives to keep as educated as possible, especially since he recognizes the importance of his impact on the younger generation. Tom’s favorite sport is undoubtedly basketball. However, he also enjoys golf in his spare time, counting it as his favorite hobby.

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