Tom Evanchuck

Musician in Cleveland, Ohio

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Tom Evanchuck is a storyteller on stage, weaving through tales of love and heartbreak, friendship and the allure of the Midwest. But this is also a musician that seems born from another era. Drawing on the influences of the likes of Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Neil Young and even the Beatles, Tom Evanchuck is carving his own way into a formidable niche.

Coming from the Midwest, Tom Evanchuck never strays too far from his roots. You hear it in the raw guitar, and Tom’s ability to both croon and crank out a harder song at a moment’s notice on stage to provide a true experience, and a chance to envision the early days of folk, blues, or rock ‘n’ roll.

Tom is built to transform your way of listening to this style of music, always experimenting, always working to establish a mood and presence everywhere he play's. There is real honesty in his music, a certain desire for expression and inspiration from everyone involved, including the audience. With those goals in mind, Tom Evanchuck is ready to usher in the new era of Americana classics.


July 21st: Bent Ladder Brewery (13550 Mt. Eaton Rd. N. Doylestown, OH 44230) @6:30pm

July 22: GoldHorn Brewery (1361 E 55th St, Cleveland, OH 44103) @5pm

Aug 6: Treehouse (820 College Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113) @6:30pm

Aug 11th: Beachland Ballroom W/ Will HOGE: (Tickets are Buy 1 get 1 if you message me on Facebook or email me!)

Aug 20th: Rock Hall Marathon: (

Aug 20th: Morehouse (4054 Erie St, Willoughby, OH 44094) @ 2pm

Aug 23: Toast (1365 W 65th St, Cleveland, OH 44102) @ 5:30pm

Aug 26th: Bent Ladder Brewery (13550 Mt. Eaton Rd. N. Doylestown, OH 44230) @6:30pm

Sept 3rd: Geauga County Fair- 5:30pm Junior Fair Stage

Sept 9:Bent Ladder Brewery (13550 Mt. Eaton Rd. N.Doylestown, OH 44230) @6:30pm