Tom Jakobek

President of KBNJ Consulting in Toronto, Canada

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With over 25 years expertise in financial projects, Tom Jakobek holds a comprehensive knowledge encompassing contract negotiations, financial management, and construction project management. He is the current president of KBNJ, a consulting service for large scale construction projects in Canada. Prior to leading KBNJ Consulting, Inc., he was the general manager and director of his own property development and management firm, Romlek Enterprises, Inc., in which he worked to redevelop and restore residential and commercial properties in the Toronto area.

Tom Jakobek received his Bachelors of Arts in Public Administration from the University of Toronto, then went on to receive his Masters in Health Science from the same University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Public Administration.

During his time spent as the Budget Chair & City Councillor for Toronto, Tom showcased his budgeting and cost control skills as he designed and implemented new budgetary processes and was able to deliver nine successive budgets with a 0% tax increase. His leadership and financial management abilities then extended into his role with Toronto East General Hospital, where he launched new development projects such as cost cutting measures which reduced operating costs by 11% within the first twelve months. He also led 82 other professionals during his time there, promoting accountability and mentoring.

Tom held several board positions in which his financial expertise was crucial for budgeting projects. As a board member on the Greater Toronto Services Board, he oversaw the inaugural $1.4 million budget for two years. He also served on the Board of Directors for the Toronto Harbour Commission, where he helped assist with the restructuring of the finances and human resources of the commission.

Tom Jakobek’s involvement in Toronto extends outside the construction and financial sector as he acted as the Director for the Cerebral Palsy Association from 1995-2006. He was also the Honorary Director of Providence Villa, and hosted a fundraising event to help provide clean water to a village in Africa. Though he holds a busy schedule with his profession and volunteer work, Tom also fosters and adopts pets into his own home who are in need of care.

Tom has also used his leadership abilities to coach school basketball and soccer teams, teaching the youth commitment and accountability while promoting exercise. In his free time, he enjoys playing the guitar, and reading and writing.