Tom Mower Sr.

Entrepreneur Tom Mower owns and operates Sisel International, LLC, a company based in Utah that multi-level markets the finest personal care and nutritional supplements on the market. Tom Mower works alongside his son, Tom Mower Jr., who serves as Chief Executive Officer and takes charge of manufacturing operations, creates new products in conjunction with the research and development team, and provides strategic direction for the company. Sisel, which stands for Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity, serves as a manufacturer and distributor of pure, potent products containing nutraceutical ingredients proven to contain biological value. Tom Mower Sr. and his son take great pride in presenting these high-quality products to customers, and to that end they ensure that quality control remains rigorous so that each product conforms to good manufacturing practice standards. Currently in business in over 20 countries, Tom Mower seeks to expand. Tom Mower provides outstanding career opportunities for those interested in selling his company’s products, and he offers high-paying programs that exceed industry standards.

Prior to opening Sisel in 2006, Tom Mower experienced a tremendous amount of success with his 1987 company called Images, which later became Neways International, a network marketing company that reported sales of nearly $1 billion a year. Before that venture, Tom Mower conceived an industrial cleaning supplies company in the 1980s that served Western U.S. commercial and industrial clients. In the 1970s, he achieved record sales for a national marketing and sales company when he served as a Regional Sales Director. When Tom Mower joined Dell Chemical Company, he assumed the position of Factory Representative, and was promoted to roles including Corporate Trainer, National Sales Manager, and Head of Research and Development.

In 2009, Tom Mower’s intellectual property holding company for Sisel, Sakura Properties, LLC, registered 12 new trademarks. Tom Mower received recognition as one of the state’s Top 20 Trademark Registrants at the 2010 Utah Genius Awards. In 2009, he donated nearly $1 million to Whole Child International, an organization that improves the quality of life and care for orphans throughout the world. Also in 2009, Tom Mower established the Earth Stewardship Foundation through his company, a nonprofit designed to focus on the preservation of fragile environments, orp