Tommy Pettersson

Researcher in Singapore

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I am a person in mid 50s who have lived a life full of experiences, hardships and opportunities that I have learned a lot from. My goal is to share the knowledge and understandings I have made living in different parts of the world.

My life is still a struggle and I have a declining health but in the middle of everything I have been able to forgive myself, find inner peace and happiness. It feels a bit like a miracle but you maybe find those things when your life is at a low point.

After working in the IT-industry as a webmaster and web developer for almost 20 years I now follow my dreams and return to the field I am trained and educated for. Again, I have started to work with research about child abuse and abuse against men. I focus on mobbing, bullying and general abuse against men and children.

The society seems to have a blind eye for that this exist and it seems like not much have happened in the research field about it the last 20 years. The researchers who were my mentors are no longer with us and no one has continued their research. Instead there is a big lack of knowledge and a lot of confusion to a problem that only grows bigger and bigger.

I intend to add my knowledge and wide experience to the field and hopefully be able to help someone, to improve someone’s life whether an abused child or an abused man. At the moment I do this on a voluntarily basis and with very limited resources but I hope that there are people out there who are willing to contribute to do something about one of the biggest problems in today’s society.

Peach & Sunshine Bird Rescue Foundation

Sometimes a fun and relaxing hobby becomes more than a hobby because it makes you really happy inside. I love birds and especially my two small parrots Peach and Sunshine. I am now following my dream and am starting a bird rescue foundation in their name and my goal is to build a place for rescued birds. The aim is to rescue birds and to have a place where kids can come in contact with birds and learn more about these precious and intelligent creatures.