Tom Nocera

Whether cast in the role of the team leader, or working behind the scenes as a consultant, or as a collaborator with other creative types - as I am currently with the design of Parrothead Village and Marina - my greatest professional satisfaction comes from making ideas become realities. Beyond leadership, collaboration and designing my skills include shaping public opinion by working with news media as an organizational spokesperson. I have provided strategic public relations services to selected clients for well over a decade.

My best known public relations client is a federal agency that offers financial assistance in the aftermath of major disasters. The SBA has me traveling about half the year. I also provide guidance to Millisecond Publishing who publish over 500 ebook titles in their Family Forest Genealogy Library. Early in the relationship with MPC I coined the term "ancestral marketing"and authored an ebook about its implementation. In 2003 I set up the Ancestral Marketing Institute as a forum for training in ancestral marketing applications to specific industries including the motion picture industry, global travel and tourism, and "big pharma".

Another contribution is my identification of Nocera's Law which states: "Everything communicates!"

I am knowlegeable and experienced in social media and authored several essays about Twitter upon seeing its customizable usefulness.

One of my hobbies is collecting guitars. I also "collect" Internet "real estate" in the form of websites and domains. I now own The Whole Damn Net (dot com). (See:

I reside near Safety Harbor, FL. I have earned 3 college degrees, including a B.S. in Aerospace Management (with marketing minor) from Metropolitan State College in Denver and a M.A. in Communications from Western Michigan University. I enjoy the occassional opportunity to speak to college audiences.

On a personal note, I became a grandfather for the first time in January 2010 and I am loving this new role.