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I was born in Germany to my German mother and American military police father, may he RIP, on an US Air Force Base. Shortly after my birth we moved to my father's hometown in Kentucky. Apparently, either my mother didn't like Kentucky or got homesick, since my parents separated less than a year later, ending up with my mother and I returning to Germany.

It was in Germany that my mother met Major Gary Lee Retterbush, a decorated USAF fighter pilot and an all around great guy who adopted me and gave me his last name. He and my mother have been married ever since, recently celebrating their 50th anniversary. He loves my mother so much, he retired in Germany and built a home in my mother's hometown (village of less than 1,000 citizensnot far from the German and Dutch borders.

Although I love Germany and the German people, in 1990, at age 29, I moved to the United States.

After a long, hard walk on the wild side, I've finally changed from bad boy to good guy, becoming a successful entrepreneur living in SA, Texas.

As a recovering drug addict diagnosed with bi-polar clinical depression, I founded Addicts NOT Anonymous, but decided to make the conspiracy and corruption problems our government, banking industry and corporate elite is subjecting the American people to my primary mission. And so I am continuing my path of redemption as an activist, investigative journalist and Blogger, determined to bring down the "Shadow Government" controlling Washington's empty suits occupying all three branches of our "official" government, who have been planning to destroy America and bring about a global government, currency, military and police ruled by the elitist families, aka the Illuminati.

I know I'm on the right track, when considering that the Conspiracy Watch Facebook Page I founded attracted 3.4 million Likes before being unpublished by Facebook without warning, notice or explanation.

Of course, the Conspiracy Watch website is still up, at and I still own, manage and operate Government Watch and Survival Watch Facebook Pages.

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