Tom Whittemore

Surfing Sailing Instructor in East Coast, USA

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Tom Whittemore is a Water Sports Instructor offering East Coast Surfing, Sailing and Windsurfing Lessons. A creative individual who seeks inspiration in ocean travel, Whittemore enjoys creating digital photography projects featuring marine wildlife and beaches around the world. Whittemore specializes in underwater photography of marine wildlife, which he mostly captures at beaches on the East Coast. Outside of his athletic pursuits and creative passions, Whittemore is a recognized scholar whose research primarily focuses on marine wildlife conservation and ocean cleanups.

Driven by adventure and guided by the waves of the ocean, Tom Whittemore is a sailor at heart. He has been sailing for as long as he can remember and considers the sport to be his greatest passion in life! Whittemore is passionate about sharing his love of sailing with others by teaching sailing lessons. He is also available as an all-around Water Sports Instructor, providing lessons on windsurfing, water polo, traditional surfing and much more! Fusing his creative passions into his work as a Surfing/Windsurfing Instructor, Whittemore also hosts digital photography workshops. All of his photography courses are taught on location at beaches along the East Coast. He is an expert in underwater, ocean and marine photography.