Tonin Sambeat

Artist, Actor, and Life Coach in Valencia, España

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Hello, my name is not Tonin. But you should call me like that. A custom guy who've grown inside of a Jazz Family.

I am director of the Digital Marketing Department on a Music Promoter company during the week. On the weekends, I works as DJ.

I do not have studies at all. I made some MUA studies and tryed Uni. Later on studied Cinema in England.

I love ART. And I do think ART loves us. I have an open mind and I'm ready to meet you. My preferences or fav things are: Music, Japanesse Culture, Tattoos, Sci-Fi Literature, Good Cinema in good company, and many more. But I mainly spend time on Videogames -such a kid?-

I do also belong to a Japan influenced Avant-Garde Metal / Visual-Kei Band: MUGEN ZERO. Where i'm in charge of Programming and Synths. Check it out!

I had my own business: HallyuMotion, related to K-Pop. Worked as bartender, retail seller, catering...

Finally. I do sometimes conferences about personal branding and marketing. It's simple: YOU CAN DO IT!

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